• Finding Your Inner Self Through Disney Costumes

    Pirate CostumeYo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me! With Disney costumes you can be a pirate or a mermaid. You can be a teapot or princess. By being a character from a world of make believe you can escape the real world for a little while no matter how old you are.

    But what makes someone choose a Disney character? What makes a favorite a favorite? Perhaps because that character is a bit of us that we want to embrace. All of us have character and Disney put them in a magical package for us to enjoy.

    A costume can help us hide but also be seen in a different light than we normally don’t portray out in public. Have you ever felt like Captain Hook with an alligator chasing you? Or maybe a confused Beast with a big ego bruised and you just need someone to see the real you. You can see others as Disney characters too. I’ve met an Iago or two in my lifetime from Aladdin and seen many happy go lucky people like Timon and Pumba from the Lion King.

    And we all want to be a princess for a day. There are so many Disney Costumes to choose from. You can be Snow White or Sleeping Beauty and be awakened by a kiss. Or you can choose to be Mulan and be a warrior fighting for a cause.

    The magic of Disney grabs the heart of a character we strive to be. Showing others as our character selves let’s people know us a bit better and seeing a bit into the people we would really like to be or feel like.

    Of course the best part of being a Disney character is your happy ending. Disney costumes aid in our imagination that there will be a rainbow on the other side of a cloudy life and all the tribulations are worth fight because there is a whole new world out there with our own happily ever after.